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My role is Whanau Ora Navigator for Timaru/Temuka/Ashburton. In my downtime I chill with my whanau. listen to good music, and Rongoa Maori. I do what I do because I love people, I love to awhi and tautoko, I love seeing their dreams and aspirations come alive

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I am a Registered Nurse. In my spare time I enjoy music, reading, gardening and spending time with friends and whānau. I am passionate about primary healthcare, helping whaiora to meet their health needs from a holistic paradigm that acknowledges mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of wellbeing.



My role is Admin Support. I spend my downtime listening to music and talking to whanau and friends. I took up this role because I knew it would be interesting to watch people better themselves, and to meet new people.

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Kia Orana, I am Whanau Support. In my downtime I enjoy spending time with my whānau and watching my tamariki play their sports. In this mahi I like to see a sense of achievement and accomplishment for our people, which is the reason I do what I do.

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I am an AoD Intern. I have a deep heart connection to supporting change within our community especially to awhi the restoration of Mana Tane within the whānau unit. My passion and drive outside of my work is my whānau, they drive me to want to be the best Tane I can be, which I achieve through my connection to Te Atua.



I am an Administration & Whaiora Online Support & Whaiora Online worker. In my downtime I take care of my 3 beautiful tamariki, I love my church Celebration Centre, great laughs and great kai. I love to support the people in this community no matter how big or small the job may be. God bless.



I am the DV/FV Manager, & group facilitator of Ngā Ara Tika (women''s anger management) & Pani Matua (garden group). In my down time I like reading a good Raymond Feist novel yeeeeyah.  Best outcomes is whānau identifying that a violence free, A&OD free life is the ''norm''.



Manager for the Hauora Team.  The difference we make to whānau is in the way we reach beyond the traditional methods of service delivery & offer integrated care specific to individual whānau.



I provide assessments, counselling and group facilitation. I love hanging out with my whānau and having fantastic times together.  Best results are seeing whaiora making changes which positively effect their whānau for the good.



I am the Operations Manager, supporting quality of services mahi.  In my spare time I train both harness & thoroughbred horses.  I enjoy watching the incredible mahi our team do to support whānau to make positive changes in their well-being.



I am the IT & Admin Manager. I introduce our whaiora to our online environment. I love to hang with my famo, good friends and play on faces with make-up.  It''s great to see the team build healthy behaviours; healthy mums & dads bring up healthy sons and daughters :)



I support the whānau who attend our Mauri Ora Experience. I love shoes, shoes, shoes, need I say more :).  Best results for whānau is keeping on track, healthy and reconnected to whānau.



My mahi is to support the whānau in the whare.  I spend my downtime with my own whānau.  The best result ever is to see the whānau leave us happy, smiling and ready to continue their recovery program.

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I am the A&OD Manager.  My whānau are very important to me.  I enjoy spending time in my gardens, smelling and ''being'' with the ocean, dawn & dusk listening to bird-song.  I love seeing whānau achieve their goals; especially when they are striving for their potential with purpose!  Yeaah... go whānau go!

Maree E

Maree Edwards

I am the new Mauri Ora Coordinator.  In my downtime I like to spend time with my family, play all sports and have fun.  Best outcome is empowering whaiora to make better decisions for them and their whānau.

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Kia ora koutou, My privilege as CE is to work with people that dedicate their professional and personal lives to improving the health and life prospects of Whānau.  We value our taha Māori and Whānau committed to more control over the life they live.  I have a weakness for ''hangi'', live sport and cheesecake (in that order).  Life is good when our "mahi"  and our ''maia'' results in something better for whānau.



I work as a whānau ora worker and love supporting whānau to access the best care possible.  I come from a large whānau and enjoy catching up with them when I can.  I have 3 daughters, 2 sons and an adorable mokopuna. I enjoy exercise & going to the beach in summer. Life is good!



I work in the Kia Piki Te Ora team - Suicide prevention. I do what I do as I care about how many of our people end their own lives. In my downtime I write music & play league for the Eagles

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I work as Whanau Support/ISR. I love spending my down time with my whānau and my interests are Toanga Puoro (Maori musical instruments) and Mau Rakau. As a Tangata Māori i feel blessed to Manaaki whānau in need through a Kaupapa Māori Health Provider.

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I am part of the whānau support team. In my downtime I like to read, watch movies, chill with my kids and travel.  I do what I do for the love of people & its a way of contributing to my community.  I have a passion to work alongside whaiora & supporting them in making sense of their AOD addictions & exploring the possibility of what well-being means for them and their whānau.  For me its about strenghthening whānau. 

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I am part of the whānau support team. In my downtime I love to read, spend time with my children and grandchildren. Why do I do what I do?... "Whakamana ki te whakamana". I have two favourite sayings: "Expectations lead to disappointment" & "Anger is an emotion its ok to be angry, what gets us into trouble... is our behavior".

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I am blessed to be a whānau support worker on the AOD team, I enjoy listening to music, reading and spending weekends with my beautiful mokos. I come with my own personal story and know the struggle of addiction, I believe I can make a difference by role modelling change to our whānau and community and have a passion to do so, Ko au ko koe, Ko koe ko au

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I am part of the ISR team and am located at the loft. I love spending time with my daughters & grandchildren, socialising with friends & I also enjoy sports, especially rugby & league. I believe it is a privilege to be able to support whaiora to acheive better outcomes in their life. There is nothing better or more rewarding than being a part of their journey.



Kia ora I am and AoD Intern. In my downtime I enjoy relaxing, eating healthy but tasty kai, laughing with whanau and friends, playing basketball, and waiata. I do what I do because we all deserve a good life. "Follow the mauri" is my favorite mantra.



I am the Personal Assistant to the Cheif Executive Dallas Hibbs. In my downtime I love chilling with my hubby, toiling in the garden, fishing, diving for kaimoana (eating it too) and when the weather prohibits the hunter and gatherer in me - reading a good novel. I enjoy working in a Māori organisation that has a focus on creating opportunities and positive outcomes for Māori.



I am a Kaiawhina for the Hauora team – Wahine Ora. I have two tamariki, who are both boys. I love shopping, reading, movies, shopping, shopping, travel. I just enjoy quiet time relaxing and pottering around my whare, and doing a spot of gardening here and there. I do what I do because I’m passionate and I believe in the importance of our high priority wahine. We provide a service to our wahine in a manner that is so different to going to a GP.



I descend from Marutūahu and am an AOD practitioner with the privilege of working with whai ora to promote well-being and enhanced mana through the empowerment of our own sense of identity. I bring a lived history with addiction and a passion for transforming darkness into light to ignite hope within others. I embrace holistic well-being within my own life and my motivation for everything is Whanau.



I work on in-house special IT projects, building and maintaining websites and supporting kaimahi and whaiora's IT needs. When I'm not the resident geek I love going mountain biking or getting out on my motorbike. I love that the tools I work on directly aids people's well-being



Life Keeper for the Suicide Prevention Team, Nurse for the Haoura Team. I spend time with my daughter, partner and friends. My energy levels of positivity is important to me when I’m not at work. Walking with my friend is soul feeding for all of me. I do what I do because of flexibility and variety is always a bonus. Working with a great team just like whanau. I come to work to play.



Kia ora, I’m the property maintenance manager for HWT. When not at work I enjoy painting, walking, hunting and mahinga kai. I love working outdoors with physical and/or mental challenges but most of all making the place look professional, where people want to come and spend their time.



I work in the Suicide Prevention area for Kia Piki Te Ora. I love my mahi because I get to help and connect with awesome people. I’m a 24yr old Maori, married to a beautiful wife with one daughter. In my down time I love doing things with my young family, playing sports and being a part of Celebration Church every week.



Kia ora, I work as the Smoke Free Coach. I walk along side and support people who want to quit smoking. I do what I do because I care about the wellbeing of individuals and whanau, especially our tamariki. I love to spend quality time with my own whanau, read, watch movies, eat and go to church every Sunday. I believe we are here on earth to serve each other and have joy.