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Kia Piki Te Ora | Suicide Prevention

In this podcast, the Kia Piki Te Ora | Suicide Prevention kaimahi from He Waka Tapu talk about the importance of whānau, community and whanaungatanga when working towards reducing the negative numbers in this space. If you or someone you love requires urgent or crisis mental health care, please call Crisis Resolution 0800 920 092. He Waka Tapu can also provide support; 0800 HE WAKA (43 9252).

5 Ways to Wellbeing podcast series

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 was 'Take Time to Kōrero / mā te kōrero, ka ora - a little chat can go a long way'. It's all about encouraging people to reach out and connect. To support the kaupapa, we've developed a podcast series focusing on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing – five simple yet proven actions you can use every day to help you find balance, build resilience and boost your wellbeing.

Hakatere kaimahi perspective

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing are five simple yet proven actions you can use every day to help you find balance, build resilience and boost your wellbeing. In this episode, the He Waka Tapu Hakatere kaimahi share what the 5 Ways to Wellbeing means to them and strategies they use within their lives.

Take notice / Me aro tonu

What simple thing gives you joy? Kaimahi at He Waka Tapu discuss what’s important to them, and how they interpret the need to take notice of their own wellbeing to be able to support their whaiora, in this podcast; Take notice, me aro tonu.

Be active / Me kori tonu

There are lots of ways you can keep physically active. In this ‘Be active, me koritonu’ podcast, Emmanuel and Savannah talk about different activitiesthat you could enjoy doing and some ways to overcome the challenges you might face

Connect / Me whakawhanaunga

It’s important that we find the time to kōrero and connect with the people we care about. Hear a group of He Waka Tapu kaimahi talk about how they Connect, me whakawhanaunga in their everyday life.

Give / Tukua

In this podcast, Heather and Kiri talk about giving as one of the 5 Ways To Wellbeing. Their kōrero talks about how giving your time, your words, your presence; tukua te wā ki a koe, ō kupu, ko koe tonu can uplift your mood and others around you.

Keep learning / Me ako tonu

Tane shares his kōrero about how he keeps learning in everyday life, at mahi and how it's relevant to the 5 Ways To Wellbeing. Embrace new experiences – awhitia te wheako hou, see opportunities – kimihia ngā ara hou, surprise yourself – me ohorere koe i a koe anō.

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