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About: 0800 Hey Bro

This number is setup for men who feel they’re going to harm a loved one or whanau member

Were’re here to support 24/7 to listen and to help

So give us a call next time you’re on the edge!

Hey Bro FAQs

Who is 0800 Hey Bro for?

This number is setup for men who feel they’re going to harm a loved one or whanau member.

Is 0800 Hey Bro Free?
How often can I call you?
When can I talk to you?

What does 0800 Hey Bro provide?

Hey Bro is here to listen and offer support where possible. Our experienced team can direct you to specific information or services that can help.

What can I call about?

When you are angry or have been angry and are ready to seek help we are here.

We understand how anger can take control and lead to hurting people we love. Our goal is to keep whanau/families together safely using our experience and ability to find the information you need

Who will I talk to?

We have a team of men with a wealth of knowledge who have all worked in this mahi. Our team is always growing as is the demand for this valuable service.

Will the call be confidential?

All calls are private and confidential unless permission has been granted by you to seek another professional's help. You are welcome to read our privacy document here

How is privacy managed

We saw a space which is growing yearly with limited immediate support. We saw an opportunity to support men in the community and help whanau grow stronger in the process.

How can i help?

As this is a new service we want to make sure people know how to access Hey Bro. Share and follow us on Facebook and help us to make our whanau's and community stronger.

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