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Kia Piki Te Ora

Community level activity focused on positive mental health.

Focusing on making information around your health and well-being easy to find!

Want to know how to support someone struggling with their happy? Check this A.E.I.O.U - 5 Steps to Tautoko video :)

#weR - Means We R in this together!

#WeR is a an initiative to support positive mental health in the community. Our focus is to make hard information easy to find.

Our aim is to simplify and promote access to information and services available to the community around mental health.

We can deliver the information to any group, school, community or organisation wanting to know how to support someone who is struggling with their happy and thinking about wanting to take their life.

For more information contact:
Jayden Iti
He Waka Tapu

#weR Sessions

#WeR are working together with our rangatahi and pakeke to prevent suicide in our communities . We are running one hour sessions with the focus to uplift, motivate, give hope and tools that support their wellbeing.

#weR Rangatahi/Pakeke


The #WeR Rangatahi and Pakeke programmes are aimed to guide and give Maori and Pasifika rangatahi/pakeke a “safe place” whilst building their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. 

If you having trouble finding your happy? are you feeling low? This group is for you!

Throughout this group we will use tangible tools and resources to help find our happy place. #WeR is designed to meet you where you are at. The Kia Piki Te Ora team at He Waka Tapu will work with you to grow your understanding around finding your happy and ways we can keep ourselves safe when life gets a bit too much.

Running once a week for one hour, over six sessions.

#WeR Rangatahi Ages 14-18

  • Once a week on site at He Waka Tapu
  • One hour sessions
  • Six week programme

#WeR Pakeke Ages 19+

  • Once a week on site at He Waka Tapu
  • One hour sessions
  • Six week programme

If you are interested in joining this group, please complete the referral form below or come in to 161 pages road and have a korero to one of the kaimahi.

Accessing our service is a simple process. 

A referral form will need to be completed by the organisation you are currently working with or you can call in to 161 Pages Rd Wainoni and complete a self-referral. You will be allocated to an appropriate service and kaimahi within 24hrs and we will contact you within 7 days to setup your first appointment.

Community Wellness

He Waka Tapu provides multiple opportunities each year that gather our whanau together with health and wellbeing as its focus.  These gatherings showcase the values of our culture and in turn give our whanau a chance to be part of positive initiatives with our community


Pae Ora City2Surf is an event that supports whānau and the community to participate in a physical event that encourages health and wellness.

Pae Ora City2Surf 2020 is happening on Sunday the 22nd of March 2020

1200 people registered for the 2019 event.

Whānau are encouraged to complete this event as a whānau and to share in the message of Pae ora

'whānau wellness' 


Suicide Prevention Symposium

The annual Suicide Prevention Symposium is an event that supports whānau and the community to get involved in preventing suicide in our communities.

The Suicide Prevention Symposium runs in August with around 1000 participants attending.

Whānau are treated to guest speakers, tangible tools and more to focus on finding OUR happy.

'Every Life Matters' 


Whānau Fun Run

The whānau fun run is an event that gets whānau and the community to participate in a fun environment that is all about connection, whānaungatanga and FUN. 

The whānau fun run is run in December, with 500 community members participating in 2018

Whānau are encouraged to come dressed up and participate together.

'whānau connected' 



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