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Whai Rawatia te Oranga | Pursue the wealth of health...

Open Community Groups

Open groups create a space of papa kainga ahi kā, a pā (a place where you feel connected and comfortable) to strengthen your hauora. The groups contribute towards stregthening your Taha Wairua (Spiritual), Taha Tinana (Physical), Taha Whānau (Family and Social) and Taha Hinengaro (Mental and Emotional) wellbeing.

Accessing these can support you to understand your behaviours around alcohol and drug use, keeping your whānau safe, and strengthening your well-being. No referral is required!

Groups are designed to strengthen your hauora and aim to:

  • Declutter your headspace
  • Build your connections within hapori
  • Strengthen your Tinana
  • Support practical everyday living

After a few sessions, you might be ready to address the heavy stuff and request a referral to a programme, or you may find you have learnt other ways to gain an understanding of the behaviours that are causing negativity in your life.


Community Group Timetable




Te Pā Tūwatawata - Open Tāne



Tinana Mobility/Flexibility Session


AOD Harm Reduction
Every second tuesday



Whānau Tautoko




Fundamentals of Exercise, posture & technique




Te Aukati Matahoki - Relapse Prevention


Ope Hākinakina - Multisport



Te Reo Māori

Tinana Cardio & Weights Session




Mindfulness is a simple and practical way to learn to observe our thoughts, rather than be trapped by them and worrying about the past or future.
  • Reduce stress anxiety and worry
  • Better sleep
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-love
  • Healthier relationships through reduced reactivity
  • Greater feelings of joy and freedom
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Te Aukati Matahoki


Te Aukati Matahoki is the Māori translation given for Relapse prevention. This is a maintenance group where whaiora have the opportunity to engage with other whaiora in the community who have been abstinent or are trying to reduce harm associated with AOD substance abuse and require additional support.

This is a Kaupapa Māori space that allows for a wide variety of content to be taught in an attempt to promote the journey of recovery and alternative strategies to cope. Whaiora are reminded that the goal is a healthy well balanced lifestyle.


Kia rite mo te Ao


A 8 week transition support 'field trip' program. We will visit recruitment agencies, education providers and other services so whaiora can sign up and find out more about these services. Meet at Portsmouth or if someone needs a ride, they can meet at 161 Pages Road at 9.30am


Te Rēo Māori


Our Te Reo Māori sessions are the perfect place to speak our chiefly language and deepen your understanding of our culture. If your goal is to pronounce Māori words correctly, to learn your pepeha, and to speak to your tamariki at home or at mahi, we have got you covered.


Tinana Community Gym provides free access to fitness classes that may help towards better health outcomes for you, your whānau and the community. Different group fitness classes are happening throughout the week so check out the facebook group here

  • Cardio & weights
  • Mobility
  • Fundamentals of exercise, posture & technique

“Where words fail, music speaks”

Come on down and join the Ten guitars group at He Waka Tapu where the beat provides a common pulse to sync our tinana around and hold us together as whānau. 

Music provides the opportunity for us to express ourselves through singing and movement, strengthening our taha wairua and developing our whanaungatanga (sense of belonging). 

It’s all about making music, healing by tunes, and succeeding with rhythm.


Your health is your wealth! Tinana Community Gym will have a Hauora Nurse on site twice a month. They will be able to answer any pātai or organise a health check.

This may include:

  • Asthma consults
  • Wāhine health - we can tautoko and provide wāhine ora screening appointments.
  • Tāne health – come and kōrero about your blood pressure, health assessments or any other concerns you may have.

This wāhine only group aims to provide the tools and strategies required to reduce harm and create safer communities.

There's no referral, assessment or case management required when attending this group, so if you're motivated, open-minded and determined for change, come along to this group.


Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables?

Come along and help grow our community garden and learn about establishing the upkeep of Māra Kai in your own home.


Come along and get the body moving in the sunshine, meet new people, and build some positive habits to support your hauora. We mix it up each week, some weeks we might go for a game of touch or basketball.


This group provides tools and strategies to reduce harm and create safer communities. It’s a group for tāne.


Empowering whānau with the tools and confidence to navigate everyday situations with their tamariki. Utilising manakitanga, whanaunatanga and Te Whare Tapa Whā.

© 2023 He Waka Tapu

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