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Nau mai, Haere mai!

Welcome to our place!


He Waka Tapu - Ko wai mātou

He Waka Tapu is a Kaupapa Māori organisation. Services are therefore delivered using a kaupapa Māori framework encompassing Tinana (physical well-being), Wairua (spiritual well-being), Hinengaro (mental well-being), Whānau (family well-being).

There is a formal referral process which must be completed before accessing any services.

For further information about us check out the website or call us on 0800 HE WAKA (43 9252) and or email reception@hewakatapu.org.nz.


Whānau Ora Community Clinic

Whānau! Registrations are now open!

Opening July 6th 2020
He Waka Tapu
161 Pages Rd

Call on: (03) 595 6481

Hunger Action Teams (HATs)

He Waka Tapu supports the HATs initiative in collaboration with Foodbank Canterbury, Rotary and Volunteers

These care packages are supplied with pantry items and other items that will sustain a whanau of 4 for up to 10 days.

They are foundational items (non-perishable pantry items). No fresh or meat come within these packages. Fresh vegetables can be found onsite at He Waka Tapu’s Pataka when available.

We ask that whanau take what you need, and leave what you can, in other words a give and receive circle of life to tautoko our community.

  1. Need kai, call 0800 HE WAKA (43 9252)
  2. Kai is now collect only, unless you are accessing our services (then request through your caseworker)
  3. Collect kai from one of the designated HATs Hubs
  4. Complete survey from txt received

COVID-19 Info

In the event you are diagnosed or feel that you have an illness likely to be infectious, you should seek medical help and not come into He Waka Tapu until such times as you have been symptom free, are well again and/or cleared to return by your doctor.

This includes any infections transmitted to others through air or touch, such as

  • Colds
  • Coughs
  • Flu
  • Gastro infections
  • Measles
  • Chicken pox
  • Any other infectious disease

COVID-19 Testing Station located on the Eastside

Nau mai haere mai!

All Communities, All People
#weRhere #whānau #whānauora

Eastside COVID-19 Testing Station
Nga Hau e Wha Marae
250 Pages Rd

Open 10am-3pm daily

If you have concerns re COVID-19 and your health please visit them

No GP referral needed! Just rock up! After testing is complete a free kai is provided!

Don't forget Station 4 - to talk more!

A Partnership with Whānau Ora Community Clinic, Nga Maata Waka and He Waka Tapu


For over 22 years He Waka Tapu has been providing a skilled and friendly team  supporting members in Otautahi and Te Waiponanmu.

He Waka Tapu runs a number of programmes specialising in:

Stopping Violence
Alcohol and Drug Addictions (AOD)
Personal Health


Our skilled workers (over 50+ staff) are kind and caring individuals with one goal which is to help people and to make our communities stronger.

With a mix of skills from clinicians, whanau support workers, nurses, personal trainers and more we have a huge range of resources at our fingertips.


Split over 2 locations we have a large number of facilities at our disposal. A number of large rooms and private portacoms for one-on-one or groups sessions.

Private on-site nurse stations enable us to provide the best care for whaiora.

A full gym with basketball court is available.

Large kitchen where yummy kai is created..

Whaiora Online Support

Stay connected with us no matter where you are

Join a online community that invested in your health and well-being. 
Share the things that are important to you and watch your supports grow.  Life has ups and downs so why not be encouraged in a community of peers, supporters, and clinicians that have lived experience and professional advice that may support you on your unique journey. 
Got Goals?  Choose from a selection of preset options and mould them to suit what is important to your life. or if you are unsure of your goal might be? Check out Tautoko plus to see how others have strengthened theirs.
Learn more...



Last year 2000+ referrals were received, to access the many great programmes we provide to the community & Te Waipounamu.  

Whaiora Online


A proven tool which helps people communicate, share and support each other as they move forward. There have now been over 220,000+ entries on www.whaioraonline.org.nz



50+ whānau were involved in Move the Māori the past year.  Sessions included one on one workouts, group work outs, kai shopping, cooking sessions and mindfulness techniques.

City To Surf


He Waka Tapu along with other organisations register over 1250+ whānau keen to participate in Christchurch's annual City To Surf course - Pae Ora.  Every year we look forward to gathering whānau togther and enjoying the whakawhanaugatanga of the day.

He Waka Tapu Supporters

  Free Phone: 0800 HE WAKA

Phone: +64 3 373 8150
Fax: +64 3 381 3207

Whānau Ora Community Clinic: (03) 956481

  Email: reception@hewakatapu.org.nz

  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hewakatapunz/

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

161 Pages Road, Wainoni, Christchurch 8061, New Zealand
PO Box 150 37, Aranui, Christchurch, New Zealand

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