Addiction & Recovery Support

The 'Te Whai Oranga' team deliver specialised programmes tailored to address co-existing alcohol and other drug concerns with a unique emphasis on incorporating Kaupapa Māori cultural principles and practices.

Supporting our wāhine and tāne to reclaim the mana of our tipuna and reject the negative influence of alcohol and drugs in our lives.

Drawing from a comprehensive approach, the team at Takahi Te Taniwha provides assessments and treatment planning focusing on harm reduction, storytelling (pūrākau), genealogy (whakapapa), motivation for change, establishing connections, setting boundaries, psychoeducation and applying cognitive-behavioural therapy within the framework of Te Ao Māori.

Similarly the Mauri Ora Experience facilitated by the same dedicated team, offers an intensive 8-week residential programme designed to provide a safe and empowering environment for participants (whaiora). Through structured programming, participants engage in activities aimed at achieving social, behavioural and psychological change, all while embracing Te Ao Māori principles.

Together the 'Te Whai Oranga' team endeavour to support individuals and thier whānau on a journey toward abstinence and holistic well-being, integrating Māori cultural values and practices into their services to promote profound personal growth and positive transformation.


We provide comprehensive assessments to understand substance-related histories and risks, followed by tailored treatment plans designed to support individuals on their journey towards recovery and well-being.


An initial health assessment concerning drug and alcohol use is crucial for understanding an individuals substance-related history, current status, and potential risks.

It lays the groundwork for ongoing healthcare management and treatment planning specific to substance use disorders.

The primary goals of this assessment are to comprehensively evaluate the patient's substance use patterns, identify any related health concerns or risks, and implement suitable interventions to support recovery and promote overall well-being.

Takahi Te Taniwhā
Mauri Ora Experience


Accessing our many services here at He Waka Tapu is a simple and straightforward process, offering two convenient options. Firstly, individuals can self-refer by simply visiting one of our sites, emailing reception@hewakatapu.org.nz or calling 0800 HE WAKA (43 9252). Alternatively, external organisations can easily refer individuals through our online form, streamlining the process for swift assistance.

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