Our highly skilled staff provde a wide range of services to help whānau in the community.

CEO - Jackie Burrows


I enjoy watching our kaimahi support whānau.

They each bring a unique skillset to our organisation, giving them the ability to connect, encourage and walk alongside whaiora who are moving toward new pathways.

- Jackie Burrows

He Waka Tapu management

He Waka Tapu has a highly experienced and effective managment team.

Beatrice - Integrated Whānau Services Operations Manager
Tyler - Integrated Whānau Services Manager
Rana - Integrated Whānau Services Manager
Melissa - Clinical Manager
Tanith - Operations Manager
Maree - Te Pā Tipu Manager
Vick - AOD Residential Manager

Alcohol and Drug Services (AOD)

We support individuals, groups, and have a supported accommodation whare for tangata whaiora who want to reduce harm and or stop the addiction of alcohol and drugs.

Katrina - Pūkenga AOD Residential
Jess - Whānau Support Kaimahi
Leonie - Residential Support Worker
Juanita - Awake Night Kaimahi
Rawiri - AOD Whānau Support Kaimahi
Toma - DAPAANZ Registered Practitioner AOD Clinician
Lisa - AOD Whānau Kaimahi
Tipazo - Whānau Kaimahi
Mia - AOD Whānau Support Kaimahi
Maria - Whānau Support Kaimahi

Whānau integration team

Individual and group programmes are available to learn about your behaviours and ways to keep your whānau safe.

Dawn - Group Facilitation Coordinator
Kane - Integrated Service Response Team Leader
Chase - Independent Perpetrator Specialist
Rory - Independent Perpetrator Specialist
Ford - Independent Perpetrator Specialist
Amanda - Independent Victim Specialist
Gina - Whānau Support Kaimahi
Josephine - Personal Assistant to CEO
Jade - Specialist Practice Lead
David - Reintegration Kaimahi
Emmanuel - Reintegration Kaimahi
Gary - Headstart Facilitator
Riccardo - Headstart Facilitator
Te Kooti - Out of Gate Team Leader
Kiri - Te Herenga Tangata
Tane - Mandated Team Leader
Roly - Whānau Kaimahi
Stacy - Reintegration Kaimahi
Michael - Reintegration Practitioner
Te Aroha - Reintegration Kaimahi
Albert - Whānau Driver
Emma - Integrated Safety Response Administrator Support
Fiona - Independent Victim Specialist
Leo - Independent Perpetrator Specialist

Te Pā Tipu | Community team

Individual and group programmes are available to learn about your behaviours and ways to keep your whānau safe.

Lisia - Te Pā Tipu Team Leader
Anita - Clinical Team Leader
Niki - Whānau Support Kaimahi
Jordan - Community Gym Coordinator
Takudzwa - Whānau Intervention Practitioner
Sam - Whānau Intervention Practitioner
Ellise - Whānau Navigator
Maria - AOD Clinical Practitioner
Marlene - After Care Support
Trudy - Mana Ake Kaimahi
Teina - Mana Ake Kaimahi
Annette - Mana Ake Kaimahi
Juanita - Whānau Navigator
Rosie - Community Registered Nurse
Taryn - Whānau Navigator
Kiriana - Rangatahi Wellbeing Kaimahi
Brooke Jeffrey - Whānau Registered Nurse
Justine - Mana Ake Clinical Kaimahi
Renee - Partnership Community Worker
Teagan - Partnership Community Worker
Rachael - Stop Smoking Practitioner
Jayden - Kia Piki Te Ora Co-ordinator
Rawiri - Kia Piki Te Ora Kaimahi
Arthur - Whānau Support Kaimahi
Beth - Whānau Registered Nurse
Rana - Rangatahi Kaimahi
Shannel - Whānau Support Kaimahi
Kelliann Beckwith - Kaimanaaki
Fiona - Health Promoter Kaiawhina / Community Support Worker

Administration & property team

Individual and group programmes are available to learn about your behaviours and ways to keep your whānau safe.

Shanna - Practice Engagement Support
Barbara - Whānau Support Kaimahi
Te Amo - Referrals Administrator
Kaytrina - Tautoko Kai
Chloe - Marketing and Communications Specialist
Nikki - Contract and Accounts Manager
Riua - Receptionist
Stan - Property Maintenance
Nicole - HR and Health & Safety Officer
Kimberly - Operations Support
Storm - Integration Coordinator
Gordon - IT Project Manager
Heather - Brotherhood Coordinator
Ngahuia - Office Administrator and Coordinator Support
Savannah - Tinana Gym and Te Reo Coordination Support
Tash - Cafe Coordinator

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