Mental Health Crisis

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"Whakahohoro Te Hau" is a dedicated service that has been specifically designed to address and eliminate obstacles for whānau seeking assistance during mental health crises. This service operates collaboratively through the combined efforts of two key organisations: "Purapura Whetu" and "He Waka Tapu."

With teams consisting of Clinical, Community, and Cultural kaimahi to provide support and interventions for individuals and their whānau unit facing mental health challenges.

The core principles of Whakahohoro Te Hau involve a holistic approach to mental health care and wellness.


Brief Interventions: These interventions may include 1-1 sessions, crisis management, and support for individuals and their whānau. The team will then work on a long-term support plan that engages a wide range of departments across both He Waka Tapu and Purapura Whetu.

Whānau-Centered: The service prioritises the needs and well-being of whānau, which is a fundamental concept within a Kaupapa Māori framework. Whānau is not limited to just immediate family members; it can include extended family and close community connections.

Collaborative Approach: The service operates through a collaborative effort involving two organisations: Purapura Whetu and He Waka Tapu. This collaboration allows for a broader range of expertise and resources to be brought to bear on mental health crises.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams: The teams that make up Whakahohoro Te Hau consist of Clinical, Community, and Cultural kaimahi. This approach recognizes the complexity of mental health challenges and the need for a range of skills and perspectives to address them effectively.

Dedicated Service: Whakahohoro Te Hau is a specialised service, meaning it is focused exclusively on addressing mental health crises and providing support during such critical times.

Eliminating Obstacles: Whakahohoro Te Hau aims to remove any barriers or impediments that might prevent individuals and whānau from accessing mental health support.

Holistic Approach: Whakahohoro Te Hau takes a holistic approach to mental health care. This means considering the individual's mental, physical, emotional, and cultural well-being. Cultural aspects are particularly significant in the context of Māori mental health care, as they are deeply intertwined with identity and healing.

In summary, Whakahohoro Te Hau represents a culturally sensitive, collaborative, and holistic approach to addressing mental health crises within the Māori community in Aotearoa. It acknowledges the importance of cultural identity and community connections in mental health care while striving to remove obstacles that may hinder access to much-needed support during challenging times.