Are you ready to take up the challenge?


Takahi te Taniwha is our invitation to you to consider making a change in your life. It is time for our wāhine and tāne to reclaim the mana of our tipuna and reject the negative influence of alcohol and drugs in our lives.

The Takahi Te Taniwha program utilises māori models of wellbeing, harm reduction planning, pūrākau, whākapapa, change and motivation, connection and boundaries, psycho-education, process therapy, applied cognitive behavioural therapy and Te Ao Māori. This program is designed for whaiora looking at a harm reduction approach to work towards a goal of abstinence.

If you are interested in looking at reducing the negative impacts drugs and alcohol is having on your life, the first step would be at looking at making a self referral to find out what support we can offer, or to go along to one our the free open support groups in the community. We have also included links below to the resources and support He Waka Tapu and our community can provide.


Te Whare Tapa Whā

Effects of Alcohol & Drugs

Change Motivation

Ko Wai Au? Who Am I?

Pēpeha Writing

The Relapse Process

Open Group Introduction

And More