0800 HEY BRO (439 276)

Keeping whānau safe


HEYBRO is here to listen and offer support for men who feel they are going to harm a loved one or whānau member.

When it all gets too much and you feel like you may harm someone, yourself, or know of someone who may be harmed, pick up the phone and call:

0800 HEY BRO (439 276)

We’re here to listen, help and offer support 24/7.

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As men we all get angry

The best thing we can do is talk to somebody

Don’t hesitate

Don’t be whakamā

Just pick up that phone


So what happens when I get angry?

First of all, I think my emotions & thoughts get the best of me. Things start feeling hot, my hands start getting a bit sweaty.

Sometimes I just wanna pick stuff up and, smash it or break it, just to make myself feel better, it’s definitely some hands on.

There’s definitely been a lot of pushing and shoving, even screaming.

Can’t believe some of the things I’ve just said, or done, and how I have made my partner or my kids feel...


Who is 0800 HEYBRO for?

This number is setup for men who feel they’re going to harm a loved one or whānau member.

Is 0800 HEYBRO free?
How often can I call you?
When can I talk to you?
What does 0800 HEYBRO provide?
What can I call about?
Who will I talk to?
Will the call be confidential?
How is privacy managed
How can i help?

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